Thursday, November 01, 2012

Birthday evening

Soren took a funny nap.

When presented with his third and final birthday cake, Shay tried to grab the flame for the first time. We all yelled that it was hot and he lost it.

Happy again he tried and tried to blow out he candle.

We walked down to where he was born. We can't remember if we pulled over right before the sign or right after, so we just use the sign as our point if reference (we couldn't remember later that morning, so it's was excitement rather than time that suppressed the memory). Happy birthday, little guy.

Funny little story about that last picture. Yesterday on our way to trick or treat I realized that I had lost my ring. I knew I had it on in the morning when I started the idli (bread) to rise. I was surprised and delighted to find it this evening when I steamed the last idli.


Blogger Mandy said...

Great pictures and stories! I'm glad that you found your ring!

9:59 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

Thanks, I was really glad, too.

10:02 PM EDT  

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