Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Party in the park

Hanging out at the park before story time.

Soren is starting to hold his head up.

Yeah, baby.

Maria randomly showed up and tried to teach the kids about leapfrog.

You can't see it, he won't let you, but baby Shay cut his first tooth! It's the bottom left. In this picture he is brushing that tooth.


Anonymous Mandy said...

Who is the person in orange? And who is Maria?

Soren looks more awake and aware of the world in these pictures. He is beautiful.

Theodore just cut the same first tooth!

5:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

That's my mom, and Maria is my little sister.

Soren is starting to wake up and stretch out, I love it.

Yesterday? It's pretty awesome how closely timed they do everything. Even get teeth!

6:26 AM EDT  
Anonymous Mandy said...

It's fun to see a picture of your mom. It looks like she likes playing with the kids. Does Maria live near you?

We first noticed Theodore's tooth on Sunday, so not quite exactly the same day. But Theodore is 8 days older, so it makes sense (ha!) that he would get a tooth first. It is still JUST emerging.

11:17 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

Haha, teeth can come in anywhere between 3 months and 14 months, so they got them amazingly close together. If they start walking the same week I will be even more impressed.

Maria lives a few miles away. She really came over to watch something on cable.

10:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Mandy said...

I still predict that Shay is going to walk several months before Theodore walks.

Is Shay doing consistent hands-and-knees crawling now? Theodore is still mostly on his belly.

10:47 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

I've got shackles if he does that!

Shay never did the belly crawl. I think they can go straight from there to walking. Shay is just starting to speed up. He moves from room to room looking for good things to eat. What about Theo?

3:38 PM EDT  

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