Friday, June 01, 2012

Rainy day

Rainy day naps.

Clue, a hard game to play with babies.

Making meringues (because meringues last how long on rainy days?).

Wiggly kids, hard to get a picture. Soren was all dressed up for Shabbat services.


Anonymous Mandy said...

You have such sweet kids.

I'm impressed that you attempted a board game with babies around!

6:54 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

Thank you.

That was the reading of directions. We moved to the table for the game, but we attempt everything with babies around!

7:55 AM EDT  
Anonymous Mandy said...

It seems like that is one of the big differences between parenting a first baby and parenting when you already have older kids? We attempt many things when Theodore is around, but I think we give up (and wait until his next nap) much more quickly than you do.

6:33 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

Naps are getting too far apart to wait for naps. We would have half an hour in the morning, an hour or two after lunch and half an hour before dinner to do everything. And I may spend a quarter of that time convincing Shay it's naptime. He is pretty happy crawling around and falling now do we can do more table stuff without him getting frustrated (he did try to eat the cards a few times).

9:15 AM EDT  

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