Saturday, June 02, 2012

Playing with their toys this morning.

Sweet sleeping Soren.

She helps him walk around.

Checking on the littlest brother.

Never know where you'll find him.

Paper boats.

Paper cup.



Anonymous Mandy said...

In these pictures Shay almost looks closer in size to Ari than to Soren, but that can't really be true.

I was poking around just now trying to see when Ari got her cute short hair, but I can't figure out how to view the posts from early May. Anyway, I like the haircut, whenever it happened!

6:38 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

There should be a button at the bottom to view older posts. Her hair was long at the end of April and short at the start of May. I hear Osh planned to shock His friends by suddenly having short hair one day but changed his mind, but his excitement got Ari started and she went through with it.

I feel like Shay and Ari are closer in size than Shay and Soren, too. I think because their arms and legs are more similar widths. Soren is all curled up, he is really only 7.5 inches shorter than Shay, who is 16 inches shorter than Ari (and half her weight). Soren is almost half as tall as Ari already.

9:10 AM EDT  
Anonymous Mandy said...

I don't see an older posts button at the bottom. I can go back in the archives by month, but it just shows me the last few posts from each month and I can't figure out how to see the earlier posts. Hmm....

I think you're right that Soren being all curled up makes a difference in how big he seems. I like your kids.

9:16 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

I will have to turn on a real computer in the next couple of days and check it out. I suspect if you click on where it says "Life" at the top, that should take you to a page with several posts, at the bottom of which says "older posts."

8:18 PM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

Well shoot, I can't find it either. Here's a link to one of the last pictures before Ari cut her hair.

8:45 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

Or a non-link.

8:46 AM EDT  

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