Friday, April 13, 2012

What's your favorite planet, Shay?

Io's a moon, not a planet. What's your favorite planet?


That's not a planet and not real! Closest thing to a kraken is a giant squid. What's your favorite planet?

Io still isn't a planet. Tickle, tickle.

Earth? Yeah, Earth is a lot of people's favorite, but I think it would be fun to live on another planet for a while. Let me show you what's cool about Europa's orbit of Jupiter.


Anonymous Mandy said...

I love it! I can definitely imagine O having that conversation with Shay.

1:45 PM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

It was hilarious and I left out a bit about Io, moons, Jupiter and the kraken.

6:48 PM EDT  

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