Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sliding down a slide backward.

Blowing bubbles in the car.

Attacking the spoon for sweet potatoes.

Talking on the new potty (oh, we almost have the whole Baby Bjorn collection).

And just being cute.


Anonymous Mandy said...

What a cutie! I especially love the big mouth (is he yelling? or demanding to be fed?) on the potty and the way that he hangs over the side of the highchair. What is he eating these days? It looks like you have the same carseat that my mom has in her car. Where did you get the cute neck protectors?

7:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

He yells a lot, he was just talking in the picture. He eats bananas and steamed broccoli on his own and mashed sweet potatoes, carrots and apples from a spoon. I made him some kale today but havent fed him any yet. I am also thinking about making him some vegan oatmeal waffles to chew on. The neck protectors were a gift. I have seen them at wally world or you can get something similar online.

9:12 AM EDT  

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