Monday, July 02, 2012


Power is nice. We got power back after 3 full days without. We lost most of the freezer and all of the fridge, but good times were had by all.

Soren slept under a basket for nap time one day to prevent full contact hugs.

Ari and Osha racing through the rain after the storm (which knocked down many branches and blew over porta-potties and sheds).

At the train station.

Soren keeping an eye out ( and keeping warm) in the sling. It went from very hot to very cool quickly.

Ice cream for breakfast.

Clean diapers.

Horses came to town for the parade, but the parade was cancelled.

Shay wore the same dry diaper for 24 hours. He did his part to save me laundry. To celebrate the power coming back, he made a mess worthy of a shower.


Anonymous Mandy said...

I'm glad you have your power back!

I like the picture of Soren under the laundry basket. Didn't you suggest that to someone once as a way to keep their cats off their baby?

Cute train station picture!

So nice of Shay to reduce his diaper usage!

11:15 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

I did suggest it. It kept Shay off Soren, but you couldn't fit that laundry basket over any bigger a baby.

The kids were upset after I snapped the picture because Shay and I weren't in it.

9:08 PM EDT  

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