Sunday, May 06, 2012

Double trouble

They are fascinated with each other.
My slings clash.
Sara is sicky.
Shay is starting to bear crawl. He is still hit or miss with it.


Anonymous Mandy said...

Your kids are ridiculously physically gifted--Soren already getting his own thumbs in his mouth, Shay already doing some bear crawling. Impressive!

Sara, I'm so sorry that you're feeling sick. What a hard time to have that happen. I hope that you feel much better soon!

They look like they are having a serious conversation in that first picture! Is Shay telling Soren how the world works? Or is Soren reminding Shay what it feels like to be inside a belly? Or perhaps they are plotting to overthrow the moms?

5:40 AM EDT  
Blogger Seraf said...

I think Sara is starting to feel better already.

Shay's tiny crawls were the result of weeks of practice. He usually falls on his face when he moves his hands along but he is finally starting to get it. And the thumbs, I know, right? I am way impressed.

The conversation they had looked so sweet. I tried to get another picture of Shay standing in front of the couch, using his hands to support himself and trying to catch Soren's little kicking feet in his mouth. Shay seems to smile every time Soren is awake, which just melts my heart. If Shay wasn't such a pincher right now he would have more access.

7:40 AM EDT  

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